Litehouse USB Mini Bulb String Lights - Classic Copper Wire LED Bulbs, Black

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Length: 7.5m (25 LED Bulbs)

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SKU: LIT101-B7.5-G40CW

Product Details

Refined and premium string lights

Elevate your ambience with Litehouse Low Voltage LED String Lights - where energy efficiency meets radiant beauty. Our meticulously designed lights are crafted to minimise energy consumption, making them the ideal choice for eco-conscious individuals and South African living. With their low wattage and innovative technology, these captivating lights create a breathtaking ambience while saving energy. Plus, their low voltage design ensures they are child-friendly, offering a safe and worry-free experience for your little ones. Discover the perfect blend of sustainability, warmth and safety with Litehouse Low Voltage LED String Lights & their warm white glow.

Also In The Box

We've thought of everything you need to light up your outdoors with USB Mini Bulb String Lights! This complete set includes: Durable String, Replaceable LED Bulbs + 2 Spare Bulbs, 2m Extension Cord, USB + 2 Pin Plug Adapter, Adventure Canvas Storage Bag, and a Comprehensive User Manual.

Product Specs

Low Voltage Mini String Lights feature bulbs spaced 30cm apart and a USB power supply. Designed for easy installation and on the go magical lighting these lights boast in their energy-saving feature and can work with power bank to light up anything from a child's bedroom to a camping setup. They cast a warm white glow that creates a truly beautiful ambience in any indoor or outdoor space.

Use Cases

Low Voltage Mini String Lights cast a soft, warm white glow, creating a beautiful ambiance in any indoor or outdoor space. Energy-saving and versatile, these lights are perfect for a child's nightlight, camping trips, patios, parties, weddings, and other special events. Plus, they adapt to any situation! When the power goes out (load shedding) or you're on an outdoor adventure, simply connect them to a power bank using the included USB port. Additionally, waterproof connections allow you to connect multiple strings for even more expansive illumination.

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The Litehouse Difference

Effortlessly combine style and function with our energy-saving, DIY lighting solutions. Instantly transform your space, creating the perfect ambiance for any occasion.




Committed To Quality

Why choose Litehouse?

Litehouse lights stand out as the premier choice for customers seeking quality, ambiance, and sustainability. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each light is designed to elevate your outdoor space with unparalleled elegance and charm.

2 Year Warranty



100% Weatherproof



Shatterproof & Dimmable Bulbs



Materials Used

100% Copper Wire (Stronger + Anti-Corrosion)

Copper-Clad Aluminium Wire (Weak + Corrosive)

Extension Cable

2 Meter Extension Cable (Removable)

No Extension Cable Included

Bulb Lifespan

30,000 Hours

8-9 + 1 Meter

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