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What is the Purpose of String Lights?

What is the Purpose of String Lights? Discover the Hidden Magic

Experience the transformative power of string lights with our latest blog, "What is the Purpose of String Lights?". Explore how these versatile lights can create enchanting atmospheres for any occa...

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5 Reasons Why These Solar Lights Are Rated #1

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What Type of Outdoor Lighting is Best? Transform Your Garden Now

What Type of Outdoor Lighting is Best? Transform Your Garden Now

Choosing the right outdoor lighting can be as transformative as it is bewildering. From our own experience, we've seen how a simple addition of string lights can turn a dark patio into a cosy evening retreat, or how strategically placed floodlights enhance the security and aesthetics of a property. Outdoor lighting is more than just a practical necessity; it's a crucial element in the overall ambience and safety of our homes. It's this transformative power that we're excited to explore with you.

In this article, we'll dive deep into the world of outdoor lighting. We'll compare the benefits and drawbacks of various lighting types, from solar lights that offer an eco-friendly glow to traditional fixtures that provide a timeless elegance. Our aim is to arm you with the knowledge you need to illuminate your outdoor spaces beautifully and effectively. Whether you're looking to add a touch of glamour to your garden or enhance your home's security, we've got the insights and in-depth reviews to guide your decision.

What type of outdoor lighting is best for you?

Embarking on the journey of illuminating your outdoor space can be quite an adventure. From the myriad choices at Litehouse, deciding on the perfect outdoor lights is akin to picking the right seasonings for a gourmet meal - each option adds a unique flavour to the ambience of your home.

Advantages of Outdoor Lighting

Let's kick off by addressing why investing in outdoor lights isn't just a splurge but a necessity. Imagine hosting an enchanting evening garden party under the ethereal glow of outdoor string lights, the laughter and conversation flowing as freely as the beverages. Such is the magic of well-chosen illuminations from Litehouse that transform your garden into a vibrant social hub. Not to mention, navigating through your yard without tripping over a gnome becomes a breeze with the correct lighting.

Furthermore, outdoor solar lights have ushered us into an era where elegance meets efficiency. These self-sufficient gems soak up the sun, only to give back a gentle, guiding light after dusk - all without adding a penny to your electricity bill. How's that for a win-win?

Safety and Security Enhancement

Let's talk safety - a topic close to our hearts. Lighting up pathways, entrances, and shadowy corners deters those uninvited guests of the nocturnal variety (yes, we're looking at you, raccoons, and yes, would-be intruders, you too). A well-lit home is a fortress, with each floodlight acting as a sentinel against threats. And if you've ever scrambled for your keys in the dark, you'll appreciate that motion-sensing light greeting you like an old friend, saying, "I've got you covered."

Enhancing Aesthetics of the Space


Ah, but let's not forget the pièce de résistance - the sheer beauty of it all. Choosing the right outdoor lights is like curating an art gallery; each piece contributes to a grand vision. Solar lights outdoor nestled among your flowerbeds can turn a simple garden into a nocturnal wonderland, inviting fairies (or just impressed neighbours) to linger. Outdoor string lights can suggest a starlit sky, romance woven into their very design, perfect for those nights when you simply want to bask in the tranquil beauty of your own making.

In wandering through the virtual aisles of Litehouse, you'll uncover treasures that promise to enhance not just the beauty but the very essence of your outdoor spaces. Whether it be the soft allure of outdoor string lights or the steadfast glow of floodlights, the question isn't just about which type of lighting is best for you. It’s about how you want to feel in the space you call home.

So, as you ponder this, remember, the best outdoor lighting not only illuminates your garden but also reflects the warmth, safety, and charm of your home. Take a gander at Litehouse's collection and find the light that not only shows you the way but tells your story.

Exploring Types of Outdoor Lighting

When diving into the world of outdoor lights, it feels a bit like being a kid in a candy store, doesn't it? With so many options at our fingertips, thanks to Litehouse, deciding can almost seem overwhelming. But fret not—let's break it down together, shall we?

Spotlighting and Floodlighting

Imagine you're setting the stage for Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" right in your backyard. How do you ensure Puck receives the spotlight he deserves? Enter spotlighting: the perfect way to cast a dramatic illumination on specific features of your garden, be it a magnificent oak or a whimsical water feature. Spotlighting is like that focused friend who knows exactly what they want in life.

Picture a slightly different scene—maybe it's a bustling backyard BBQ where you're grilling under the stars. You'd want your entire stage lit up so no one misses a step or a juicy burger. That's where floodlighting comes in, casting a wide net of light that's as inclusive as your guest list. Litehouse's range of floodlights ensure that your garden party never has to end at dusk.

Path Lighting and Step Lights

Strolling through your garden shouldn't feel like navigating the maze at Minos; everyone prefers a clear path. That’s why path lighting is the Theseus to your outdoor labyrinth, guiding you through with elegance. With options like bollard lights, which not only mark the way but also add a modern touch, Litehouse makes sure your garden paths are safely and stylishly lit.

Let’s not forget about step lights. Ever attended a garden soirée only to miss a step and perform an unintended acrobatic show? Step lights are the silent heroes that prevent these moments. Embedded along staircases or steps, they offer a guiding glow that ensures safe passage for all your twilight wanderings.

Decorative String Lights and Lanterns


There’s something magical about a garden twinkling with lights, isn’t there? Decorative string lights and lanterns are the pixie dust of the outdoor lighting world. They transform your space into an enchanted escape, where every evening feels like a fairytale. Whether wrapped around tree trunks, strung across patios, or illuminating alcoves, these lights add a warm, inviting ambience that speaks of countless tales under the moonlight.

Imagine lanterns with flickering LEDs mimicking candlelight, casting shadows that dance across your walls. Or outdoor string lights that drape your garden in a canopy of stars, turning every gathering into a moment suspended in time. Litehouse’s collection of decorative lights offers these very possibilities, allowing you to craft a setting straight out of a storybook. 

 In a world where outdoor spaces can be anything from a tranquil retreat to a lively entertainment hub, the right outdoor lights serve as both the narrator and the backdrop of your home’s story. From the protective embrace of floodlights to the whimsical whisper of string lights, Litehouse equips you with the tools to paint your landscape in the hues of your imagination. So, what chapter are you writing tonight under the stars?

Criteria for Selecting the Best Outdoor Lighting

When it comes to selecting the best outdoor lights for your home, you might think it's as simple as picking the prettiest ones from the Litehouse collection, right? Well, strap in because there's a bit more to it than meets the eye. It's like choosing the right outfit for an occasion; you've got to consider the weather, the event, and, of course, the shoes! Or in our case, energy efficiency and power sources. Let's dive into what makes for the best outdoor lighting choice.

Energy Efficiency and Power Sources

Imagine you're hosting a garden party. The vibe's right, the music's perfect, and just as everyone's beginning to enjoy themselves, your outdoor lights start flickering. Nightmare, isn't it? That's why energy efficiency and choosing the right power source are akin to picking the right playlist – they make or break the atmosphere.

Outdoor Solar Lights: First up, we've got the rockstars of the environmental world – outdoor solar lights. If you're looking for a set-it-and-forget-it type of lighting, solar lights outdoor are your go-to. They charge during the day, so you don't have to run around like a headless chicken looking for extension cables two minutes before your guests arrive. Plus, they're kind to your pocket and the planet. A win-win!

Battery-Operated Lights: Now, imagine a scenario where the sun's been playing hide and seek, and your solar lights decide to take a day off. Enter battery-operated outdoor lights. They're like that reliable friend who always shows up, rain or shine. Perfect for those overcast days or tucked-away spots that the sun rarely visits.

Hardwired Options: For those of you thinking long-term or looking to light up areas that are as busy as a beehive, consider hardwired outdoor lights. Yes, they might need a bit more effort in the installation department, but once they're up, it's smooth sailing. Think of them as the main course to your outdoor lighting meal – substantial and satisfying.

Durability and Weatherproofing

When choosing the best outdoor lights, durability and weatherproofing are not just options; they're necessities. Imagine hosting a grand garden party where everything is perfect, but halfway through, your outdoor lights decide to retire early due to a surprise shower. That's not the kind of surprise we like, right?

Outdoor lights, be they solar lights outdoor, outdoor string lights, or any of Litehouse's fantastic outdoor lighting collection, must withstand a variety of environmental challenges. These include rain, wind, extreme heat, and more. So, what should you look for to ensure your outdoor lighting can hold its own against Mother Nature?

Materials and Build Quality

First, consider the materials. Stainless steel, aluminium, and high-density plastics are champions when it comes to battling the elements. Our Litehouse outdoor lights are crafted from materials that not only look stunning but are also tough enough to weather the storm, literally. 

Waterproof and Weather-resistant Ratings

"Is this light waterproof?" should be your next question. Outdoor lights come with IP ratings (Ingress Protection) which tell you just how brave they can be in the face of adversity. An IP65 rating, for example, means your outdoor lights are dust-tight and protected against jets of water, making them a superb choice for those wetter areas of your garden. 

Added Protection

Consider lights with added protective features, like UV resistance to prevent the sun from fading colours or robust glass that can face the mightiest of hail without flinching. Solar lights outdoor from Litehouse often come with these extra layers of armour, ensuring longevity and performance through all seasons.

When pondering over which outdoor lights will grace your space, give a thought to their durability and weatherproofing capabilities. With the right choice, your outdoor lighting will not only elevate the atmosphere and safety of your home but will stand as a reliable beacon through sun, rain, and everything in between. Let's not give the elements a chance to dampen our spirits or our parties, shall we?

Integration with Landscape and Home Architecture

Integrating outdoor lights with the landscape and home architecture isn't just about illuminating paths and highlighting features; it's about creating a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics. At Litehouse, we understand that the right lighting can transform the outdoor space into an extension of your home, mirroring its style and enhancing its beauty.

When considering outdoor lights for your landscape and architecture, it's crucial to think about how these elements will harmonise. Imagine outdoor solar lights gently casting a warm glow along a garden path, leading the eye naturally to the architectural beauty of your home. Or picture outdoor string lights, weaving a soft tapestry of light above your patio, creating a cosy atmosphere for those long, leisurely evenings with friends.

Choosing Lights That Complement

Choosing the right outdoor lights means considering the existing style of your home and garden. For a modern home, sleek and minimalistic designs in outdoor lighting can enhance the architectural lines without overwhelming them. In contrast, traditional homes may benefit from more classic designs, where the outdoor lights feel like an extension of the home's timeless elegance.

Remember, it's not just about the design; functionality plays a significant role too. Solar lights outdoor are perfect for areas where wiring would be impractical, offering an eco-friendly and cost-effective lighting solution. With advancements in solar technology, these lights are now more reliable and longer-lasting, ensuring your garden pathways and features are beautifully illuminated night after night.

Enhancing Features with Lighting

Strategic placement of outdoor lights can accentuate the architectural features of your home and highlight key elements within your landscape. Consider using spotlights to draw attention to interesting architectural details or installing outdoor string lights to frame and bring to life your outdoor living spaces. The goal is to create a lit masterpiece where light and shadow play together in harmony.

At Litehouse, our range of outdoor lights, including solar lights and outdoor string lights, offers the perfect blend of style and functionality. Whether enhancing the architectural beauty of your home, drawing the eye to the intricate details of your garden, or simply creating a warm and inviting outdoor space, our lighting solutions are designed to complement and elevate your outdoor area.

Installation Considerations for Outdoor Lighting

When it comes to brightening up your outdoor space, choosing the right outdoor lights from Litehouse is just half the journey. Installation is the other half, and boy, does it make a tale worth telling! Let's take a whimsical stroll down Installation Lane, shall we?

Strategic Placement for Optimal Effect


"Hey, where do you reckon this spotlight should go?" asks your mate, holding up one of those sleek outdoor lights from Litehouse. You squint, trying to imagine your garden at night. Strategic placement isn't just about lighting up dark corners; it's about setting the mood, highlighting that ancient oak that's been the proud sentinel of your backyard for generations, or ensuring your prized roses are visible even under the starlit sky.

Imagine planning a garden party where the laughter dances with the shadows, all thanks to the meticulously placed solar lights outdoor. Or picture a cosy family dinner on the patio, with outdoor string lights softly glowing overhead. It's not just about illumination; it's about creating memories, illuminated.

DIY vs. Professional Installation

Onto the great debate: to DIY or not to DIY? Picture yourself, a cuppa in hand, looking out at your outdoor lights, pride swelling in your heart because you installed them yourself. It's a thrilling prospect, right? Litehouse's range of outdoor solar lights and other outdoor lighting options are indeed designed with the enthusiastic DIYer in mind. However, for every tale of triumph, there's one of tragedy—like the time we thought we'd installed the lights correctly, only to have them flicker like a disco ball from the '70s during our first big do.

That's where professionals come in, transforming potential disasters into dazzling displays without you having to lift a finger (except maybe to offer them a biscuit). Yes, it might cost a bit more, but can you really put a price on peace of mind?

The Role of Motion Sensors in Outdoor Lighting

Ever walked past a neighbour's garden only to be blasted by their ultra-bright floodlight? "Intruder alert!", it seems to scream, when all you're guilty of is taking a leisurely stroll. That's motion sensors for you—fantastic technology, when applied considerately.

Incorporating motion sensors into your outdoor lighting setup is like having a smart guard on duty. It saves energy, only lighting up when needed, and adds a layer of security. Plus, it's quite the welcome for guests, lighting up to greet them as they approach. Just remember, positioning is key. You wouldn't want to startle poor Mrs Jenkins next door every time her cat decides to visit, would you?

So, there you have it—a quick guide to navigating the world of outdoor lights installation. Whether you choose to go down the DIY route, call in the pros, or strategically place each light to cast the perfect glow, Litehouse has got what you need. Now, who's ready to light up their outdoor space and make it the envy of the neighbourhood?

Essential Outdoor Lighting Techniques

When it comes to spicing up our outdoor spaces, choosing the right outdoor lights can make all the difference between a bland backyard and a dazzling outdoor oasis. At Litehouse, we've got the outdoor lighting game down. Bold statement? Maybe, but once you've seen the magic a well-placed spotlight can do, you'll agree. So, let’s dive into some essential outdoor lighting techniques that can transform your garden into a scene straight out of a fairy tale.

Highlighting and Shadowing

Have you ever walked past a garden at night and seen a single, magnificent tree, its leaves aglow, casting intriguing shadows on the ground? That, my friend, is the art of highlighting and shadowing, a technique that can turn your outdoor space into a canvas of light and mystery.

Imagine for a moment, you're using one of Litehouse's outdoor solar lights. You position it at the base of your favourite tree, and suddenly, it's not just a tree; it's a statement. By focusing the light on the tree, you highlight its form, texture, and the unique pattern of its bark. Now, the shadows – they're a whole other story. They create depth and interest, inviting the eye to wander and the imagination to roam. It’s like telling a story without words, using light and darkness to sketch scenes.

Uplighting and Downlighting

Moving on to uplighting and downlighting, let’s play a bit with perspective. Uplighting is when you place lights at ground level, shining upwards. Picture using Litehouse’s string lights with shepherd's hooks or lanterns to illuminate a path in your garden. Suddenly, it's not just a walkway; it's a dramatic focal point, bathed in light, captivating and grand.

Downlighting, on the other hand, is like the gentle touch of moonlight on a summer’s night. You install lights higher up – in trees or on parts of your home – and direct them downwards. The effect? A soft, natural glow that mimics the moon, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere. It’s perfect for illuminating pathways or adding a layer of safety to your outdoor areas, without feeling like you’ve stepped into a spotlight.

Imagine you’re hosting a garden party. Your guests are meandering through your garden, enchanted by the mystical shadows and bathed in the gentle glow of moonlight. You’ve created not just a space, but an experience, all with the clever placement of outdoor lights. And when they ask how you managed to create such an inviting atmosphere, you'll just smile, knowing that Litehouse and a little creativity were all you needed.


Making Sense of Technical Specifications

When diving into the world of outdoor lights, the technical jargon can sometimes feel like deciphering an ancient script. Don't fret, though! We're here to demystify these specs, making your journey to illuminating your outdoor space as breezy as a summer night. Whether you’re browsing through Litehouse’s vast collection of outdoor lights or simply want to understand the nitty-gritty, we've got your back.

Understanding Lumens and Brightness


Let's start with lumens, shall we? Imagine you are throwing the grandest garden party. The kind where even the moths wear tiny bow ties. You’d want your outdoor space not just lit, but lit in a way that complements the elegance of such an event. That's where lumens come into play.

In simple terms, lumens measure the total amount of visible light emitted by a source. Think of it as the wattage of your party spirit—higher lumens mean brighter lights. Outdoor solar fairy lights from Litehouse, for instance, can range from softly glowing 100 lumens — perfect for that romantic pathway lighting—to 2500 lumens for plug-in bulb string lights, which beautifully illuminate your space. Additionally, colour temperature is important, and our products offer a warm and inviting 2700K. It's all about matching the lumens and colour temperature to the mood you're trying to set.

Decoding IP Ratings and Bulb Types


Onto the Indiana Jones part of our adventure: IP ratings. No, they're not about intellectual property here; IP stands for Ingress Protection. Think of IP ratings as the bouncer at your lights' nightclub, deciding what gets in and what doesn’t. The first digit after IP indicates protection against solid objects (including dust) on a scale of 0 to 6, and the second digit indicates moisture protection on a scale of 0 to 8.

For example, an outdoor string light from Litehouse with an IP65 rating is a solid choice for almost any weather you throw at it—dust tight and protected against jets of water. Perfect for the unpredictable British weather, wouldn’t you say? When you see those IP ratings, you'll now know precisely what kind of protection your outdoor lights are bringing to the party.

And bulb types? LED is the go-to for energy efficiency, longevity, and crisp, bright light. While traditional bulbs have their charm, LEDs are the workhorses in the Litehouse stable, ensuring your outdoor soirées are never cut short.


Choosing the right outdoor lighting is akin to artistry; it's about blending functionality with aesthetic appeal. At Litehouse, we've shown that whether it's for enhancing your home's ambience or ensuring safety, there's a myriad of options tailored to every need. From the magic of highlighting and shadowing to the practicality of weatherproofing and energy efficiency with LED bulbs, we've covered the essentials to guide your selection. Remember, the right lighting transforms outdoor spaces into enchanting scenes, making every moment outside a fairy tale. Trust in the technical specs like lumens and IP ratings to find your perfect match. Let's light up our outdoor spaces with both brilliance and beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can any LED light be used outdoors?

Yes, LED lights can be used outdoors, particularly if they have a high IP rating suitable for garden environments. It’s important to select lights designed to resist moisture and dust to ensure longevity and safety outdoors.

How to choose the right outdoor lighting?

Choosing the right outdoor lighting involves considering durability, size, intended location, and types (such as post lights, wall lights, and landscape lights). Additionally, factor in style and color to match your outdoor space aesthetics.

What kind of lights last the longest?

LED bulbs are the type of lights that last the longest. They are designed to fit standard sockets, are highly energy-efficient, and can significantly outlive incandescent and most fluorescent bulbs, making them a durable lighting choice.

Do outdoor LED lights use a lot of electricity?

No, outdoor LED lights are energy-efficient and cost-effective, using significantly less electricity than traditional filament bulbs. The expense to run a large display of LED garden lights for a month would likely be lower than the cost of an average fast food meal.

Which lights last the longest?

LED lights typically have the longest lifespan, often surpassing a decade of use. They are more efficient than incandescent bulbs and most fluorescents, making LEDs the best choice for both indoor and outdoor long-term lighting solutions.

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