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10 Budget Tips to Liven Up Your Lounge

10 Budget Tips to Liven Up Your Lounge - Litehouse

Studies show that a dull lounge leads to a dull life.

Ok, we made that up. But it’s probably true. Your living room is one of the most heavily trafficked rooms in your home. It’s also the space that bears your burdens at the end of a long day.

Needless to say - it’s not a room to leave lifeless. And while you may not have the bank balance to splurge on a home makeover, nobody else has to know that.

These easy decor secrets will breathe life into your lounge and keep your cash flowing.


  • String fairy lights around the space

Fairy lights are no longer banned to the bedrooms of twelve year olds with unicorns. They’re quickly becoming the latest home decor trend. And are easily the best way to brighten up your home on a budget.

We recommend wrapping these solar powered fairy lights around the walls of your room. Make sure they get some sun in the afternoon and they’ll simply light up in the evening. You won’t have to flip a switch. It’s magic.


  • Use light natural materials for big sofas

    There’s always a temptation to use big colors when trying to brighten up a home. However, in order to get a big, colorful sofa, you need to get high quality, luxury designs. And if you don’t have the budget for that, the end result is likely to look tacky.

    We recommend using light natural materials when looking for big couches. It’s very difficult to go wrong with a beige or white couch. It also means that you can change up the color palette of the space if you get bored. And it’s an easy way to make your room appear bigger and brighter than it is.


    • Get a natural smelling room diffuser

    Livening up your lounge isn’t just about aesthetics. A sweet, natural smelling room diffuser can go a long way.

    There’s a reason spas always smell delicious. And a room diffuser is such a simple and inexpensive way to bring that same tranquility into your living space. And will make guests never want to leave.


    • Hang a statement piece of art

    When we think art, we usually think expensive. However, we’re not advocating that you turn your lounge into a Van Gogh museum. All you need is one large center piece to give your room color and personality.

    There are plenty of sites to find reasonable art and it can be a fun way to inject your own style into the space. 


    • Sprinkle a touch of gold here and there

    You don’t need a lot of it. But it’s bound to bring a classy sophistication to your living space.

    From gold vases, to gold chair legs, to gold bowls - the options are endless. You may already have an old antique locked in a cupboard. Otherwise your nearest bargain furniture store will sort you out.

    But be careful not to overdo it. There’s a fine line between kitsch and class.


    • Update old light features

    It’s out with the old and in with the new. Chuck out the ancient lamps that have been passed down for generations. And use contemporary light features to add a new edge to your living space.

    We love these hanging bulbs. They’ll metamorphosize any fuddy duddy room. And are practically a steal.

    It’s a tiny change. That will make a huge impact. You’ll see.


    • Don’t skimp on scatter cushions

    Your husband doesn’t like them? Well they say pick your battles. And scatter cushions is definitely a battle worth picking.

    It’s no secret that the right scatter cushions can completely transform a space. If you’ve kept your couches and walls nice and neutral - now’s your chance to go wild with bold colors.

    It’s a risk-free experiment, as you can get them reasonably enough to change with the seasons.


    • Feature an accent wall

    Does this feel daunting? It shouldn’t. Accent walls are another simple way to make your lounge stand out. You can go bold or keep it classy. And they are a lot easier to apply than you may have imagined.

    Come on. Be brave. And infuse your spunky style into your living space with these easy steps.


    • Pop a few plants around the place

    Plants are in. But any Pinterest user already knows that. And while not all of us are born with green thumbs - there are indoor plants that are almost impossible to kill.

    Aloes, peace lilies, bromeliads and orchids are a few of our favorites. You’ll be amazed at the difference a few natural beauties can make to your home.


    • There’s no flaw a big rug can’t hide

    Rugs are the concealer of home decor. And if you’ve got something to hide - they’ll cover it right up.

    Dinner party wine stains and a toddlers mess. These are memories to hold in your heart. And not to bare in your lounge for the whole world to see.

    Choose a neutral rug to blend in or feature a bright rug to stand out. Either way, make sure those cracks and stains are out of sight.

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