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What is the Purpose of String Lights?

What is the Purpose of String Lights? Discover the Hidden Magic

Experience the transformative power of string lights with our latest blog, "What is the Purpose of String Lights?". Explore how these versatile lights can create enchanting atmospheres for any occa...

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12 Bright New Ways to Hang your Bulbs

12 Bright New Ways to Hang your Bulbs - Litehouse

They're confident. They're contemporary. And they're all over Pinterest. Needless to say, we're totally hung up on bulb string lights. And we're pretty sure you will be too after reading this post. 

Bulb string lights are bigger and bolder than fairy lights. They're the avant-garde way to brighten up a space. And with many different ways to show them off, the options can be overwhelming. But hang on and don't give up on your fairylight decor dreams just yet. We're full of bright ideas when it comes to different ways to hang your bulbs. 

So let's hang out. And we'll run through them.

01. Hang from your mirror

A full length mirror—you either love them or you hate them (depending on the day.) But whether they’re flattering or not, they usually provide the perfect canvas for bulb string lights. Hang them along the side to brighten up your mood when you’re having a bad hair day. Or allow them to illuminate a particularly glamorous ensemble. Either way, a string of bulbs will beautifully accentuate a dark-wooden frame.

02. Spice up your dinner

We’re talking ambience on ambience. A string of these vintage festoon bulbs above a dining room table will create a magical atmosphere. They’ll give your space that party room feel. And they may even woo guests into enjoying an overcooked chicken.

03. Accent your wall

Accent walls are all the rage this season. And what easier way to create one than with bulb string lights. You can go wild with bulb after bulb. Or play around with diagonals and zig-zags. Whether it’s inside or outside, this is your plain, old wall’s time to shine.

04. Separate spaces

Gone are the days of tiny rooms and strict spaces. Open plans are in and with them comes a whole lot more freedom. But sometimes that freedom can get too much. And you need to differentiate your kitchen from your lounge. Modern festoon light strings are an excellent way to carve out spaces without restricting movement.

05. Lighten up your kitchen

Bulb string lights give ‘playing around in the kitchen’ a whole new meaning. Their whimsical effect will take you to the carnival while you cook up creme brulee. And tennis-ball-sized bulbs are the effortless way to add a contemporary chic style to a minimalist design without getting in the way.

06. Brighten up your brick

Old school brick is the perfect contrast to contemporary string bulbs. And an exposed brick wall just begs to be brightened up. We recommend these black string bulbs to keep in line with that chic industrial feel. And you can’t go wrong with the Voguishly vintage design.

07. Cozy up your couch

While stargazing isn’t always possible—bulb string lights manage to capture some of that romance from the comfort of your couch. Swoop copper wired bulb lights from a window to a corner and allow them to disappear behind your sofa. And this is your perfect excuse to get out the snacks, snuggle up and soak in the magic.

08. Posh up your porch

A porch can be your secret weapon when it comes to hosting guests and catching the sunset. The space is also very easy to skimp on when it comes to tighter budgets and outdoor decor. But these shatterproof frosted bulb string lights are the perfect way to make your porch pretty without blowing the bank. And they’ll continue to dazzle your guests long after the sun goes down.

09.  Mix and match

Mixing and matching is part and parcel of the carefree twenty-first century posture. And we’re all for it. So don’t be afraid to mix your pendant light with a string of bulbs. And as long as you look for complementary features, lights on lights is never a bad thing.

10. Size up a small space

There are two rules when it comes to small spaces. The first is that you should never over decorate. The second is that you need a lot of light. And string lights manage to kill these two birds with one (many) bulbs. So take out the claustrophobic clutter and replace it with enlarging, minimalist lighting.

11. Shake up your shelves

Shelves usually provide you with all the nooks you need to conveniently hang your bulbs. And whether they’re decorated with pot plants or flooded with fiction—we wouldn’t let their bulb string lights potential go to waste.

12. Make your bar lit

This is where your weekend festivities go down. And bulb string lights will make it lit. Hang a light warm white bulb string from one end to the other to set the mood. And you could probably start charging for happy hour.

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