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Bedroom Lighting

5 Ways To Spruce Up Your Bedroom

5 Ways To Spruce Up Your Bedroom - Litehouse

After a long day at work, campus, or after looking after your kids, all you want is your haven - the bedroom. Your bedroom is meant to be your little escape, a place of peace and rest, and it should exude this. Decorating the bedroom can be a challenge as you have to find the perfect balance of comfortability, coziness, and class. 

Decorating your bedroom, or any room, should not have to break the bank as there are many ways to cut costs and find cheaper alternatives while still maintaining a level of class and luxury. Here are a 8 ways to spruce up and decorate your little haven:


01. Keep your walls calm

    Many people love a statement wall and bright colours in their home. This may work in the living room or even outdoors, but not the bedroom. The bedroom needs a colour palette that is soft and calming. To spruce up your bedroom, we suggest you give your walls a fresh coat of paint. The perfect colours for the bedroom are soft blues, lavender, greens, rich jewel-tones, and toned-down versions of your favourite colours. This will bring an element of calmness and classiness.


    02. Declutter

    As you know by now, your bedroom is meant to be your little haven and a breakaway from the world. You may want all the things you love close to you in your bedroom, but ensuring you have space to move and breathe is more relaxing than being surrounded by a lot of things.

    This tip requires no spending, and may even make you some money. In the bedroom, try to make sure that you have space to stretch your legs and move around. If you have furniture that is large and restricts movement, like a large couch or coffee table, move it into another room in the house or even sell it online. This will allow more space in your bedroom and allow you to relax without feeling cramped in your room.


    03. Use the correct lighting

    Many people rely on an overhead light or table lamp as their main source of lighting in their bedroom, but using different types of lighting in the bedroom offers a heightened level of luxury and functionality. Using one or two sources of light in your bedroom, or any bedroom, is not likely to bring life to a room. When decorating your bedroom, you should consider a range of lighting, like fairy lights, overhead lights, bedside lamps, bulb string lights, and LED night lights. 

    Litehouse offers an array of lighting options sure to spruce up your bedroom. We suggest getting the:

    • Litehouse Solar LED Fairy Lights - Warm White. These fairy lights are environmentally friendly and are solar powered. Put the lights in direct sunlight during the day and enjoy the warm, comforting light at night while laying in bed. 
    • Litehouse LED Bulb String Light Warm White. These energy saving LED bulb string lights offer a simplicity that is as elegant as it gets. The simplicity of the bulb string light lights up your bedroom without bringing too much light, while bringing that Pinterest look we all aim for. 
    • Litehouse LED Tall Flameless Tealight Candle. This flameless tea candle, which brings a soft, natural glow, offers the illusion of a candle without the worries of a candle. Place this flameless tea candle next to your bed and enjoy the relaxing candle-lit atmosphere without the worry of the flame. 


    04. Create a special area

    By now we know that your bedroom is meant to be your little area to escape and relax, but this doesn’t mean that your area can’t have a special area. Whether it be the corner of your room, the spot underneath your window, or just a comfortable armchair, choosing a space in your bedroom to be your special area will make your bedroom all the more relaxing. 

    Lighthouse offers the Litehouse Automatic LED Night Lights with a Colourful Rim which is sure to personalise your special area. This night light, which is an energy saving night light, is triggered during low light conditions and gently brightens up the space.


    05. Texture is always a good choice

    To achieve comfort and class, texture is needed. The type of texture you use is up to you and your taste, but using different types of texture is essential. To layer textures, we suggest you use a chunky, knitted throw at the edge of your bed, crocheted baskets to store your blankets and other essentials, as well as faux fur pillows to add that fun and playful element. 

    Most importantly, when decorating your bedroom you need to follow your heart and stay true to what makes you happy. Following trends is never a bad idea, as they are sure to almost always create a beautiful little. But if the trends don’t reflect your personality and interests it will be meaningless. 

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